RMLA Auckland Xmas Quiz Night

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See what fun Auckland had at its Xmas Quiz Night

RMLA Auckland Xmas Quiz Night


This year’s Auckland Xmas Quiz Night was held at Atticus in the CBD.  There were 13 teams who competed against each other with 10 rounds of questions and the final question was to guess the logos.  The overall winner got to cut the spectacular xmas cake – made and iced in the shape of the Auckland Plan.

The teams and final scores were:

NDA – 72
Green Day – 71
The Style Counsel – 69
PAUP goes the Weasel – 68
E = MC Hammer – 65
Let’s Get Quizzical – 61
Little John and his Band of Merry Men – 61
The Amandas – 61
Alfa India Alfa Lima – 60
Wood & Spoons – 59
Alasdair’s Army – 56
Kevin Costner – 46

And the winners were NDA: