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Government launches Urban Development Capacity NPS consultation

Government opens consultation on the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS-UDC)

The government seeks submissions on the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS-UDC).  This has been developed by the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for the Minister for the Environment and for Building and Housing.

The NPS-UDC directs councils to provide sufficient development capacity to meet housing and business demand in their resource management plans. The NPS-UDC aims to facilitate urban development, to meet a range of needs for homes and jobs.  Anyone may make a submission on the proposed NPS-UDC.

Information on how to make a submission, including supporting documents is available at:


This includes a discussion document which contains the proposed NPS-UD, a report prepared under section 32 of the RMA and a regulatory impact statement.

Submissions can also be sent to Ministry for the Environment, PO Box 106483, Auckland City 1143 or email npsurbandevelopment@mfe.govt.nz.

Any questions about the NPS-UDC should be directed to:

npsurbandevelopment@mfe.govt.nz  or visit www.mfe.govt.nz/rma.

The closing date for submissions is 5 pm on Friday 15 July 2016.