Annual Conference


Annual Conference

Are we there yet?

Liveability: the sum of factors that comprise a community’s quality of life. A place fit to live – our towns, regions, cities, country and our world.

Our built and natural environments; economic prosperity; housing; social equity; personal safety; cultural wellbeing; infrastructure and public transport; entertainment and recreation… All of these factors are the outcome of good resource management practice.  Looking forward, how can resource management be better leveraged to enhance New Zealand’s liveability?

Liveability provides an increasingly important gauge of the ‘health’ of our cities and regions.  Auckland continues to be identified as one of the most liveable cities in the world, but what does this really mean for all New Zealanders, particularly when we continue to face challenges with housing, infrastructure delivery, public transport and economic growth?

While Auckland’s performance in the international arena is vital, equally important is the role all our regions and cities play.

If we are not there yet, what’s the best route ahead?


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