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When:   Monday  14 August 2017       9.15 – 4.30 pm

Where:  Brevet Room, upstairs at the Air Force Museum, Wigram.  Excellent parking on site

You will be engaged in practical, frequent interactive exercises to try out the workshop skills and apply them to your work situations throughout the day.

Are you leading discussions, facilitating meetings, working with diverging, conflicting views or trying to prevent conflict? Are you expected to get results from meetings and one-to-one discussions plus promote sound working relationships? This course develops exactly the skills to achieve such expectations. The approaches have proven to be effective and suit our New Zealand culture.

Maximum of 12 participants.

1. Introduction and check what experience has taught you so far. Also what the day can offer you and how to make the most of the practice sessions. 9.15 – 9.40
2. Where discussions go wrong and essential strategies to put them right. This session highlights how to avoid common pitfalls that risk blaming, attacks and retaliation. We will identify key approaches you can apply to your work.  

9.40 – 10.10

3. Tea break 10.10 – 10.20
4. Gain confidence through understanding conflict – Identify what to resolve and what you might chose to  live with in your work.  Several messages that help improve the  atmosphere during initial  interchanges will be applied to your work and discussed in small groups. The aim is to show people early in discussions why it is worthwhile listening to you.  

10.20 – 11.20

5. Recognise and define the real issues – How to describe issues so everyone can recognise that what matters to them is included in discussions. The issue message will enable constructive discussion of all points of view. The potential impact different descriptions of issues can have on the quality of discussions will be identified. Included is a presentation, exercise in pairs to draft issue statements and full group feedback on these statements.

A reflection on the morning’s topics.


11.20 – 12.30

6. Lunch 12.30 – 1.15
7. The power of a well framed question – How to frame questions to encourage open-mindedness, open up the possibilities for understanding one another in discussions and ensure mutually beneficial information can be gathered. Following a presentation, first individually, then in pairs questions will be drafted and reviewed on topics of your choice.  

1.15 – 2.15

8. Change conflict language into constructive messages – How to turn challenging, confronting  language into constructive, problem-solving communication. Small groups will have a challenging statement to reframe that other participants have experienced then a chance for individual reflection.  

2.15 – 3.15


9. Tea break 3.15 – 3.30
10. Lead discussions through assertive and confident statements – Several approaches that encourage people to listen to you and respect your point of view are put into practice.  The exercise aims to take session 4’s practice a step further.

A reflection on the afternoon’s topics.


3.30 – 4.15

11. Summary and evaluation of the training  4.15 – 4.30 pm

Please contact Gay Pavelka for further details.

When: 14 August 2017

Time: 9:15 am - 4:30 pm

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