EIANZ : More effective assessments of environmental effects: Tools for stronger argument and clearer writing


Workshop Opportunity

Dunedin: 24-25 June
Christchurch: 27-28 June
Wellington: 1-2 July

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, in collaboration with the New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment, is proud to present a 2-day workshop to provide practitioners involved in assessments of environmental effects (AEE) with the thinking and writing skills to present data and reach conclusions in a clear evidence-based manner.

This workshop is only possible as the presenter, Dr Glenn Brown from Canada, attended the International Association for Impact Assessment conference in Brisbane and agreed to extend his visit to deliver this popular workshop at locations around Australia and New Zealand. This is most likely a one-off opportunity as Dr Brown is unlikely to return to New Zealand in the foreseeable future.

The workshop received the highest participant rating for all training courses offered at the IAIA conference last year. At the Brisbane IAIA19 Conference, and subsequent workshops in Brisbane and Sydney, all participants indicated on their feedback form that they would recommend the course to a colleague. Some feedback comments included:‘A new pragmatic way of influencing’, ‘Highly recommend this approach to all environmental practitioners. I now have a new way to present environmental information that will assist our business and the wider public’, and ‘Fantastic, this is the future in my view, makes everyone’s job easier’.

The workshop is targeted to practitioners who are working in government, consultancy and industry, and any other environmental professionals who prepare AEE reports. The workshop shares two sets of tools collectively called ‘Organised Reasoning’. The first toolkit provides a structured sequence of steps to help organise your thinking and your argument. The second toolkit shows how to better present arguments in the written text of your documents. Assessments are complex documents and using the tools of argument can make them easier for audiences to understand and for authors to write!

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The cost is $495 for EIANZ and NZAIA members and $695 for non-members. Numbers are limited.

When: 24 June 2019 - 02 July 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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